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Get money quickly

It is particularly well known from advertising, promises money quickly and easily: “Astro Finance” should live up to its name and be an easy-to-obtain loan. Behind it is “Team Bank AG” based in Nuremberg, Bavaria, which was founded in 1950 under the name “Franlo bank”.

The company has numerous branches and, under the Astro Finance brand, mainly offers sales of numerous products from the credit card and financial sectors. The Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken act as partners for this distribution. Around 1,000 employees

The classic loan for employees

The classic loan for employees

The company describes its “Astro Finance” product as “Germany’s fairest loan”. If you want to have it:

  • be of legal age
  • have a residence in Germany,
  • have been with the current employer for at least six months (outside the trial period),
  • must not be self-employed, a partner or a shareholder
  • and acts on its own account and name.

Placement without Schufa is not possible here. Only those who do not have a negative entry can apply for a loan between 1,000 and 75,000 USD; the term is possible up to 84 months. There is an immediate online decision, after which a non-binding Astro Finance offer is made – subject to checking the respective creditworthiness. After confirmation of identity and written completion, the amount is usually transferred two to three working days later.

Rare conditions, transparency and security – Astro Finance

Rare conditions, transparency and security - Astro Finance

The advertising is sometimes aggressive, but the conditions speak for Astro Finance.

Astro Finance is suitable for debt rescheduling as well as for fulfilling wishes – its use is not tied to a specific purpose. But more specific products, such as a car loan, can also be concluded here.

The flexibility is rarely found in this form: the rates can be readjusted, reduced or even suspended during the term. The other way around, special repayments and early redemption can also be made.

However, these are only free of charge under $ 1,000, otherwise $ 95 will be charged. The same applies to a replacement before the minimum term (six months) and notice period (three months). If desired, the loan can also be secured with a letter of protection.

A basic fee is not charged, but other additional services are not cheap: The notification of the transfer agreement costs, for example, 14 USD, a bank statement 9 USD.
This contrasts with the best price guarantee offered by Astro Finance. If a cheaper loan offer is submitted, the interest rate at Astro Finance will equalize. A four-week right of withdrawal is also granted.

Astro Finance calculator comparison

Astro Finance calculator comparison

At what interest rate is funding possible via Teambank’s Astro Finance?
For taking out small or large installment loans, use the loan calculator to calculate the best possible conditions for the loan you want.

Different loan amounts and terms can be compared without obligation and free of charge and thus determine the best current interest rates. The annual percentage rate depends on the creditworthiness and even flexible rate adjustments are possible during the term.

The Astro Finance installment loan is paid out for free use. If there are financial constraints during the credit period, you can optionally reduce or suspend the installments. The amount of the monthly loan installment is determined by the loan amount and term.

Astro Finance loan calculator to calculate monthly monthly rate online

Astro Finance loan calculator to calculate monthly monthly rate online

With the easy credit calculator, you can quickly determine your monthly repayment rate and thus future monthly financial charges. You have the option of adding a second borrower as a co-debtor. This improves the conditions and gives you a higher chance of getting a higher loan amount.

For a loan, the basic requirements for a loan must also be met and proven for the second borrower. After the application, an identity and credit check is carried out and you receive a non-binding Astro Finance offer.
A few days after acceptance, the loan amount will be transferred to the specified checking account.

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